February 6, 2016


Key Features of trripr:


Updation of task information with details and tasks by the Supervisor / Central Office

Updation of task number at customer location which is captured in server (Completed / Pending / Cancelled)

Creation and communication of new tasks while the person is in the field

Uploading of pictures from the field (customer picture, landmark, etc.)


Group creation so group leader can manage/view only his group

Auto SMS to master Mobile depending on certain conditions

Call for individual / group meeting using the app


Live view of current location of field staff

Reporting of unplanned stoppage

Reporting of instances of over-speeding by staff


Accurate calculation of mileage for outdoor duty for the purpose of travel compensation

Reporting of Mobile on/off, Data on/off, GPS on/off, TrripR app on/off etc.

Auto marking attendance based on entering and leaving a configurable location (GeoZone)


Reports of all tracking activities, both on a GIS as well as a database, disaggregated by

  • Team
  • Staff
  • Period

trripr Basic Working Principle

location markertrripr is designed with a focus on transparency and efficiency of  the field staff. trripr is designed to provide live visibility to the supervisor for reporting and analysis. trripr also captures details of the tasks, work duration and location of employees during working hours. We believe in protecting the privacy of the employee and give them the option to switch off trripr after working hours.

trripr Records Switch on/off events

on-off Switchtrripr records the ‘switch on/off’ event with a time and location and this information is available to the Admin/Supervisor as a report to analyse and take appropriate action. trripr also records and reports any other action taken by employee which can impact tracking adversely by the device like 2G/3G Data on/off, GPS on/off, Battery Level in %, Device on/off etc.

trripr allows work allocation on the fly

dow-jones-1458672trripr allows the Admin/Supervisor to allocate work on the fly to the field staff based on their current location and available work load and it will be intimated to staff. This way trripr enables a complete eco-system to monitor performance of field staff and allocate relevant work to them appropriately.

trripr reports accurate KM travelled by staff

nospeed-1417395 Apart from promoting transparency and improving efficiency, trripr can also positively impact the bottom line of the organisation. trripr is being used by our customers to compute or cross-check travel allowances for field staff on basis of actual KM or Miles travelled quite accurately. This promotes faith and trust in the employees and remove all chances of errors in mileage based travel reimbursements.

trripr can automatically mark employee attendance

street-438123_1920trripr is being used to record attendance of the employees with date, time and location. It automatically records when an employee enters and leaves a configurable GeoZone location like the workplace or Office Building very accurately. This promotes punctuality and transparency.

trripr allows you to send tasks/messages to individuals/groups

trripr is being used to track the tasks performed by the employees and as admin you can push the tasks to the employees from the  console. As admin you can also push messages to a particular team member or broadcast to a group that you control.